Biraha Jawahar Lal Yadav

Chunri Satrangi Chatkhar Preview
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Original Lyrics

pqujh lrjaxh pV[kkj pqujh nkj pqujh
pqujh esa gks gfj'kpanz ?kj
vjs Mkse fcdkrs pqujh es
pqujh esa gks tud lqrk
t;eky igukrs pqujh esa
English Translation

A bright chunri with all seven colours

It should have Raja Harishchandra
Working amidst dead bodies
Should have the daughter of Janak; Sita
And Ram garlanding her with the Jaymal

Chunri- scarf
Raja Harishchandra - A king who sacrificed everything for his principles
Jaymal- wedding garland


This is a song depicting all that is good on this earth. The woman, symbolic of a human being is asking her husband, symbolic of God, to put all the best qualities in her 'chunri', a symbol of life. She wants the virtues of Raja Harishchandra, the greatness of Ram-Sita, Krishna, Gandhi, Buddha, the purity of the river Ganga, presence of Gods of all religions, the courage of Razia Sultan, the beauty of the mountains and the essence of the creator - Bramha.
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