Geet Ram Kailash Yadav

Raas Rachaye Preview
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Original Lyrics

jkl jpk, chu ek/kqjh ctk, cyek
gk; czt ukj czt cklh;u dh [kksjh esa
lhl eVqd jktr gSa ?kq?k: ,sls cktr gSa lktr gSa NSy l[kh /kwe fp[kksjh esa
fjf} flf} tUrw ftuds gSa }kj [kM+s
lksgh ';ke Hk, cnuke cjtksjh esa
English Translation

He plays games with the men and women of Braj village
He plays the flute beautifully
With a crown on his head and bells at his feet,
He is so handsome in all the games he creates
All wisdom of the world stands waiting at his door
But the same Krishna teases women

A song describing the love of a Gopi; maiden, for Lord Krishna. It describes her anguish when he goes away leaving the entire village desolate.
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