Bakhri Jhoda Harda 'Surdas'

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Original Lyrics

lnk u Qwys rksjb;k] lnk u lkou gks;]
lnk u thou fFkj jgs] lnk u thos dks;

ryck[kbZ tkxj ykxks] ey ok[kbZ gksbZ
R;j ugsrh i<kx.k E;j ugSrh [kksbZ
vjs E;j ugSrh [kksbZ foulj uS tkuw /kwjk
xksiqyh cksjk.kk fouL;j uS tkuw /kwjk
Hindi Translation

lnk u Qwys rksjbZ] lnk u lkou gks;
lnk u thou fLFkj jgs] lnk u thos dks;

uhps vkaxu esa tkxj yxh Åij vkaxu esa gksyh
rsjk vkaxu ugha gS] esjk ugha gS dksbZ
vjs] esjk ugha gS dksbZ] fcUlj tkÅa eSa /kwjk
xksiqyh ckSjk.kk fcUlj tkÅa eSa /kwjk

/kwjk & igkM+h

 (these are literal translations of songs that are part of a basically oral tradition.  Beat of India bears no responsibility for distortions of meanings. All suggestions are welcome at )

This song speaks of the inevitable cycle of joy and sorrow that makes life complete. Using the jungles, birds, mountains as metaphors, he examines the different facets of life and the co-existence of happy and sad times.
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