Bair Harda 'Surdas'

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Original Lyrics

gS + + >dwyh dks ?ksjks ?kVkuh dk Qsjks
ds HkjkS"k jke th dks ds HkjkS'k rsjks vk + +
ds HkjkS"k rsj ejh tk.k nqfu;ky nh gkFk fycsjk vk---+gk---
Hindi Translation

Qzkd dk ?ksjk pDdh dk Qsjk
D;k Hkjkslk jke th dk] D;k Hkjkslk rsjk
Ekj tkuk gS nqfu;k us nks gkFk ysdj
vk + + + +gk + + +

 (these are literal translations of songs that are part of a basically oral tradition.  Beat of India bears no responsibility for distortions of meanings. All suggestions are welcome at )

The song takes a philosophical look at life. Using examples from daily life it describes good values and speaks of the inevitability of death.
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