Bair Sher Ram

Katri Ka Preview
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Hindi Translation

ryokj dh E;ku] nsork iwts i/kku esa eDdk j[kk rqe.k esa /kku
unh fdukjs xasgw cksrs gS] cksjk xkao esa /kku
gjh us gksVy [kksyk fla/kq us nwdku
cwMh eka rw er dj vkssSjr esjh uknku
vius vki djsxh pwYgk pksdk vius vki Hkjsxh ikuh

fnYyh ls ;gka vk;s gks egkjktkvks rqEgkjk oa'k c<+ tk;s
(these are literal translations of songs that are part of a basically oral tradition.  Beat of India bears no responsibility for distortions of meanings. All suggestions are welcome at )

As is common in folk songs, the singer often adds an impromptu portion welcoming his guests or listeners. In this song, the singer welcomes the "Beat of India" team and prays for them.
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