Lok Geet Mohammad Ayub

Bavaliya Thodo So Preview
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Original Lyrics

, js caofy;k FkkssM+ks lks uhpks yqM+ tk js
nsoj >wM+s ikrfM+;k HkkStkbZ chus js

>wM+s & ydM+h ls ekjuk
caofy;k & nslh ccwy
English Translation

O Banvliya, bend just a little
Devar is pounding your leaves
And bhabhi collecting them

Banvliya- Babul tree
Devar- Brother-in-law
Bhabhi- Sister-in-law

This is a simple, fun song. It has a reference to the Devar-bhabhi - or brother and sister-in-law relationship but the words of the song don't carry any specific meaning. This is often the case with folk songs in which new stanzas may be added in an impromptu way not necessarily forming any pattern.
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